The Opportunity

The reinvention and meteoric growth of the telecom industry shows no signs of slowing. We see it all around us in most everything we do personally and professionally. Yet there is a great hidden cost: Staggering revenue leakage, estimated by the annual KPMG Global Revenue Assurance Survey to be $40 billion USD, and climbing.

How pervasive is this? 69% of operators peg revenue leakage at 1-3% or more, and in developing markets as high as 10%. Seen throughout the revenue cycle from sales to network configuration as incorrect billing call records ineffectively rate and charge things such as international destinations configured as local ones. With vast revenue at risk, the need for a solution is immediate.

The Challenge

The difficulty in combatting surging telecom fraud and revenue leakage is best understood by understanding the scope of the market. Sim Box fraud is only one example of what telecom operators are facing. Today, with rapid growth of smart devices and the Internet of Things on the horizon, rampant, surging fraud threatens future telecom profits.

Datatics Solutions

Our proactive approach employs a three-stage state-of-the-art IPO (Input-Process-Output) model. Our Platform is client-specific petabyte ingestion of streaming data at a high rate enabling real-time indexing in seconds, enhancing machine learning capability and high-speed interactive querying. And, stack-to-fraud analytics divides data into segments to focus output attention on areas with the highest fraud rates.

The impact of such a measured and aggressive approach couldn’t be more significant for telecom clients. The Datatics platform and model ushers in a new era of data empowered response, with built-in detection to process anomalies in real-time. With billions of dollars at stake, a fundamental improvement of overall accuracy and efficiency of telecom billing can’t happen soon enough.