Trusted Guidance to Do It Right

Implementation of a modern, ROI generating Data Platform like every journey is possible and likely to succeed when you know where you’re going, you understand what to expect along the way, and you have a solid plan for what you intend to do when you reach your destination.

Each step may require different people, technologies and competencies. Transitioning from pilot to live production quickly, confidently, on-time and on-budget needs a team with deep expertise and skilled advisory to optimize and skillfully execute the process in less time, at lowest cost.

Architecture Built and Deployed for Success

We take the time to understand you, your business and your vision,
and then work with your team to install, upgrade or certify your
Hadoop environment.  To ensure the success of your Big Data project, DATATICS will Dot all the I’s and Cross all the T’s like no one else.

Installation, Upgrade and Certification

To the Industry’s Highest Standards and Best Practices

Review Mode of Cluster Deployment

All Fully tested with nothing left to chance

Comprehensive End-to-End Review

Hardware, Data Sources, Typical Jobs and SLAs

Deployment Defined by Best Practices

Fully Benchmarked Development, Implementation

Recommended Performance Fine-tuning

Data compression, decompression, scheduling and more

Accelerated Time-to-Production Rollout

The sooner you’re up, the sooner you profit by it

Documented Configuration Recommendations

Cluster configuration to your needs not our convenience

Your Foundation Is A Custom Big Data Pipeline

In every Big Data project, capturing, ingesting and transformation of your data are the initial steps. Hadoop is the home of varied, complex datasets and DATATICS will leverage Hadoop’s ecosystem to process, craft and implement a custom ETL pipeline to quickly bootstrap your Big Data Solution.

An additional note is our belief that empowering you with skills and
understanding is your conceptual foundation.  The best solutions enlighten clients to turn data into an ROI generating asset.


Our Focus is Data Quality – First, Last and Always

At the heart of our promise to transform client data into actionable insights is the need for high-quality data.
Improving data quality and sustaining it reduces and controls costs, improves efficiency, yields superior insights and creates opportunities to collaborate.

To ensure our clients reap the greatest value from their analytics requires complete data that conforms to format expectations and is consistent, accurate, timestamped, unique and available. To do it right, DATATICS focuses on 6 Dimensions of Data Quality.

Data Cleansing

Data is accurate, clean and current

Data Standardization

Conforming to defined requirements

Data Uniqueness

All data duplicates are identified

Data Monitoring

All data conforms to business rules

Data Enrichment

Data source attributes that add value

Data Profiling

Discover relationships, drive dependencies, provide insights on data quality issues

The Right Solution Meets All Your Data Needs

DATATICS builds a robust Hadoop platform to perform game-changing data analysis with purpose; summarizing and ingesting historical data at high-frequency and at petabyte scale. We’re more about you; less about us, and that means we’ll flex to grow with you like a trusted partner and in important ways.

  • Locating new avenues for growth
  • Helping predict customer behaviors
  • Building smart fraud detection controls
  • Empowering informed strategic decisions.

Smart, Customized Security and Compliance

Another Big Data advantage is the capacity to store vast
amounts of data enabling new workloads and user interactions. Case specific security ensures administration governance with full regulatory compliance.

DATATICS customized security architecture meets and exceeds all
industry requirements and enables stronger authentication, authorization, data access, audit accessibility and with complete data governance. We ensure it by doing it right, doing it better.

Solutions Built To Exceed Requirements

Governance, audit and compliance plans built to a higher standard

Customized Secure Reference Architecture

Meeting all authentication, authorization and access requirements

Your Data Hub

The Epicenter Of Excellence

It’s a simple idea at the heart of everything that we do – to help clients maximize the business benefits of their data. DATATICS helps with centralization and activation through your Data Hub. The right strategy driving insights guiding, desired outcomes operational efficiencies, innovation and stronger teams.