DATATICS Goal is Both Ambitious and Critical

Everything is possible if data from everywhere is captured, analyzed and leveraged. To do it we engineer powerful and reliable automated data flows between disparate sources and system, efficiently, securely ingested.

DATATICS assess your needs, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution in a box. Case by case and client by client we collect, curate, analyze and deliver real-time data from the Internet of Anything – devices, sensors, clickstreams, log file and more.

An Integrated, Agnostic Data Collection Platform

What this means is a non-negotiable commitment to integrate data collection from dynamic, disparate and distributed sources. Differing formats, schemes, protocols, speeds, and sizes from machines, geo location devices, click streams, files, social feeds, log files and videos.

The Bottom Line? Solutions not excuses.

Real-Time Response to Streaming Data

Real-time evaluation of what’s pertinent, or not, protecting you
against loss of perishable insights.  Execute smarter decisions,
drop or locally store data as needed.  A visual interface puts you
in control with unprecedented operational effectiveness but
without dependence or crippling coding/scripting delays.

Secure from Source to Destination, With Real-Time Chain of Custody

Secure end-to-end routing, from source to destination, with discrete user authorization, detailed real-time visual chain of custody and data provenance. Equally support security and encryption JVM-capable data sources from the very edge of the Internet of Things to large scale enterprise clusters.

Capture Perishable Insights from Data in Motion

Our data movement solutions support stream processing to aggregate and analyze event data, dynamically recognize data patterns and detect outliers. Real-time, high volume processing empowering immediate action and informed response.

New Insights Powered by Secure, Selected Sharing

Total control, secure access and custom designed data movement solutions enable more informed decisions. Enable selected sharing on your terms without blanket silo-defined, role-based data access. Share dynamically and securely when it’s to your advantage, without headaches and exposure, and gain new business insights.

Content-Based Routing Optimizes Log Analytics

Easy, secure and comprehensive data ingestion of log files and easier integration with Splunk, SumoLogic, Graylog, LogStash and more. A more cost-effective way to increase collected volume and accelerate trouble-shooting with vastly improved anomaly detection, thanks to a more comprehensive view of all available machine data.

Scalable and Accessible for the IoA and the IoT

The pioneering DATATICS Data Movement Solution is conceived, designed and deployed to support the Internet of Things and the Internet of Anything. Moving data securely from anywhere to wherever it needs to go, regardless of size, shape, speed by dynamically adapting to the needs of the source, connection and the ultimate destination.