Attack and Penetration Testing

Popular scan-based linear attacks and penetration testing method does a disservice to your organization. Datatics adopts a robust, realistic, cyclical and iterative methodology that mimics how modern-day actors compromise targets within your organization by leveraging:

  • Reconnaissance: Datatics leverages an arsenal of Open Source Intelligence(OSINT) techniques and tools to gather information about the target organizations much the same way as real threat actors do.
  • Target Development: Identifying target that provides entry points with the least resistance and are most likely the target of attacks by threat actors.
  • Intrusion: Test your organization’s ability to detect and respond to attacks on the network.
  • Lateral Movement: Educate the target organization insight into a threats actor’s ability to maintain long term access into your company ‘s network.
  • Exfiltration: Carry post-exploitation activities in this phase such as critical data exfiltration attempts whiles remaining undetected.

Vulnerability Assessment

Datatics Vulnerability Assessments allows you to manage a prioritized list of vulnerabilities, understand how to fix them and produce reports detailing and verifying your remediation progress over time.

We eliminate false positives, dig deeper than any scan, and use decades of combined experience to classify and rate each finding in order of significance. Unlike a security scanner, our risk rated recommendations are intelligently thought out, keeping your productivity and connectivity in mind.


Application Security Testing

Application penetration testing and security assessments are performed by Datatics world-class security professional team. We leverage over a decade of experience and proprietary research amassed from thousands of assessments. We use real human intelligence and manual analysis to find the best strategies to secure your application, lower your security risk, and minimize business and service disruptions.


Risk Assessment

Datatics Risk Assessment proven methodology combines elements from leading practices such as National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and OCTAVE. As experts in complex risk assessment, we wade through your risk challenges and help you assess the critical elements.



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