Advanced Analytics You Can Understand and Use

Big Data is a hot topic because everyone wants to take advantage of their data, but the reality is it overstated, misused, overpromised and under-delivered. In the end, under harvested and underutilized. To us that’s opportunity wasted.  Properly leveraged, your data creates opportunity, so we built Datatics with a Better Idea:  Think like clients and empower them with advanced analytics, tools and information to unleash both the power of their data and get the insight it reveals.

A Platform Designed to Empower Not Confuse

Intuitive, easy-to-use tools giving you understanding of what you’re
doing and why, supported by clearly defined metrics and strategies
to get the greatest benefit. A Platform built for clients, not programmer convenience.  With clearly defined priorities: superior data quality, unrivalled availability and access, and rapid response. What clients need, when they need it. We’re creative, collaborative, flexible, dependable and keep our promises.


A Company Built to Harvest Big Data’s Potential

Custom solutions reflect our respect for the diversity of our clients
and recognition that one-size-can’t-possibly-fit-all. We’re defined and guided by our values, designing and delivering smart solutions you’ll understand, with help to transform your data into an asset driving ROI you can sustain. Thanks to a platform you can really use that’s  focused on your needs, your data and vision. Innovative thinking and superior client-centric service supports you each step of the way.


A Team Constructed to Help Find a Better Way

The Datatics team includes industry architects, data scientists, PhD’s with different disciplines, operations and IT professionals boasting years of successfully guiding Fortune 500s. Our vision is giving businesses of every size and in every niche, that same competitive edge. We do it by empowering clients with a platform they’ll understand and use to confidently achieve their strategic goals and transform their businesses with the power of Big Data and tools to manage success.

Superior Service to Ensure Sustainable Success

Our objective is to earn your trust by exceeding expectations and
doing that requires a commitment to service.  To that we add the
determination to operate a company with a culture and values that
are aligned with principles, not merely choices.  Our pledge is to be
there when you need us with answers not excuses, leaving no doubt
we’re in it with you for the long haul. Our focus is growing with you
like a partner, not a vendor obsessed with only the latest transaction.